Loving You ~ Image By Dark Blue Knight

It was sometime in September
I know that I remember
Just standing in the parkland with some guys
When I first did chance to notice
A beauty on which to focus
And I felt Cupidís arrows fly

If I chose to just ignore
Then I never could be sure
So I took the chance to move near to your side
Never knowing if you would condone
But asked if you were alone
Hoping that you would in me confide

From that moment that we met
Our futures did seem set
As I began to see you more and more
Each time that we would meet
My day would be complete
I knew Iíd found the one I would adore

Somehow I just knew
What it was I had to do
So I went one day and bought a diamond ring
Knew any burdens love would carry
So I asked you then to marry
And your answer made me want to sing

Then with children we were blessed
And I think we passed that test
Iím so very proud of what we did achieve
For they may have left their home
And have children of their own
But still their love we do receive

I know thereís times I made you cry
That I canít deny
But the faults my dear do lie with me
Those times I forget to think
Would perhaps drive you to the brink
But love has conquered all, you would agree

Now it was many years ago
But still my love does glow
For loving you has never been a chore
The best thing in my life
Was to ask you to be my wife
And I just seem to love you more and more

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th October 2008
All Rights Reserved

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