Memories Of Yesterday Image By Dark Blue Knight

Just sit back with me thinking
Of those days that have gone by
I’m sure you will agree with me
Some memories make you cry

For things always seemed better
In the days that we have had
Because we recall the good times
And try to hide the bad

For there is no future in recalling
Sad times we had to live
Although we’ve not forgotten
We’ve learnt how to forgive

So we recall the fun parts
Of our journey through life’s ride
But those things that once did harm us
Are now buried deep inside

For we must learn the lesson
From the past, there’s nought to gain
So those memories of yesterday
Are in the past just to remain

Instead we seek the future
And what it holds in store
Because we need to know where we are going
So much more than e’er before

Oh, yes we learn from errors
That were made back in the past
But please do not repeat them
But make them be the last

Turn around in our direction
Plan a future that is bright
So instead of painful memories
We will do what we know is right

So, yes think of memories of yesterday
But use that knowledge well
For the choices of your future
Do not lead you into hell

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
15th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

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