Midnight Blues

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We all reach that point sometimes,
No matter what we do,
When we lie in bed awake at night,
And see shades of midnight blue.

Stare out into the darkness,
From the bed where you do lie,
Arise from where you're now at,
Go out, look at the sky.

But nothing seems to change much,
Perhaps a slightly different hue,
But your mind it is still clouded,
By that shade of midnight blue.

Look at the stars into the Heaven,
See them shine so bright,
Try to look much closer,
As you stare into the night.

Ask yourself a question,
Is this what I'm here for?
To have the midnight blues forever,
Or is there something more?

Stand in silence for a moment,
With your mind in quiet reflection,
And somehow seek to look for,
A sign in the right direction.

While standing there in silence,
And wonder why you feel that way,
Was it because of what did happen?
During the day just gone away.

All around the house is sleeping,
Not a single sound is heard,
But perhaps you are just thinking,
You should have said that word.

Take a moment to say sorry,
Before you retire at night,
And you will know that always,
You'll have done whatever's right.

But because you were so obstinate,
You find you cannot sleep,
Because of the memories of what's gone before,
Are cutting you so deep.

You did fall asleep so easy,
But it was not for very long,
Because you knew in your mind always,
That what you did was wrong.

For it's only middle of the night,
All that matters is what is true,
You must rid yourself before the morning,
Of those tiresome midnight blues.

For if you fail to do so,
And to yourself things keep,
All that will happen through the long night,
Is you will quietly weep.

So before you retire each evening,
Think about what you choose,
For if you make the right decisions,
You won't have those midnight blues.

Dark Blue Knight
7th March 2005
All Rights Reserved

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