Original Photo By Martin Uilenbroek

Well, its already Monday,
A working week begins.
Seems twas only Friday yesterday,
What happened to weekends.

Weekends are meant for leisure,
With family and friend.
But all I seem to do,
Is just more work again.

Must wash the car and polish,
Ensure the grass well kept.
Look around when that is finished,
Be great long list, you bet.

The list of jobs outstanding,
Written just for your weekends.
When do they think I will have time,
For family and for friends.

So now its both been and gone,
The weekends in the past.
And if I really think of it,
Monday's just a blast.

For at least on Monday mornings,
That great long list can lurk.
As I whistle joyfully,
Whilst on my way to work.

For although I may hate Mondays,
It makes a lot of sense.
To go to work where I get paid,
Not fixing up the fence.

All weekend I seem to do things,
And sometimes feel so lost.
Cos nearly everything I do,
Seems to have a hidden cost.

Now back at work on Monday,
Should be happy once again.
No more long list for five days,
But be twice as long by then.

What is it with our partners,
They seem to love a list.
All manner of the little things,
They just want you to fix.

But instead of spending weekends slaving,
On all those little chores.
All I want for my weekends,
Is to simply lay and snore.

But that is wishful thinking,
So what Im going to do.
Is keep on hating Mondays,
And start hating Fridays too.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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