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Music soothes the savage beast
Or so it has been said
But one thing is for certain
Music calms a racing head

Music be modern
It can be blues or soul
Just a simple country ballad
Or jiving rock and roll

So many types of music
In many different styles
Iím sure you will find something
That makes listening worthwhile

I once did loathe the music
It seemed to never cease
But one day I stopped and listened
And found new inner peace

We have our taste in music
Some enjoy while others groan
But with so much selection
We can choose our very own

Music spans all languages
And races of mankind
For music will so pacify
And calm the fighterís mind

You do not need be able
To read music or even play
Just listen and then hum along
To brighten up your day

Iím sure you cannot help it
But to hum or sing along
So how can you feel angry
While listening to a song

Thereís songs of great rejoicing
Songs that make one glad
Music that sends a message
Both the happy and the sad

Just listen to some music
Whenever you feel down
Very quickly it will change for you
To smiles instead of frowns

I do enjoy good music
So pleasant to the ear
Makes me feel so grateful
Iím able just to hear

Each nation has its music
A song that does inspire
An anthem that is special
One from which youíll never tire

Choose your style in music
Sit back and close your eyes
Enjoy the relaxation
As time goes floating by

You can use the music
In so many different ways
Use it to relax you
Or use it when you pray

Iím sure that God likes music
So sometimes just join in
And take a few spare moments
To sing a simple hymn

Try singing in the shower
Just a simple verse
Should you not be a singer
Thereís others who are worse

For music is so soothing
Will take your mind away
Lessen pain and tension
And help enjoy the day

When you feel so downcast
You donít want to take a chance
Turn up your style of music
Your feet will want to dance

Yes, music soothes the savage beast
That dwells within us all
So listen to some music
It will cushion any fall

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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