We all do meet them sometime
Those ones that make us smile
The very people on this Earth
That make our lives worthwhile

Some may think hes silly
Others say hes mad
But to me he was my lifeline
Helped me when times went bad

Fun, frolic and much laughter
Was his stock in trade
For everything was funny
In the way that he portrayed

No matter what the reason
When I was feeling down
Id just call upon my mad mate
Hed come and act the clown

He soon would have me smiling
With his antics and his wit
No longer had that feeling
I wanted just to quit

I dont know if I was lucky
To have someone so near
But it sure was my good fortune
That he helped control my fear

But as all things around us
We age from day to day
Suddenly his presence gone
And for his soul Id pray

I know that theres a Heaven
With St Peter at the gate
And hed surely be most welcome
One known as my mad mate

Then hed start again Im sure
Bringing laughter and much more
To all those souls hed meet with
That had gone sometime before

For that was the only way he knew
To laugh and never cry
How I wish I was more like him
Until my turn to say goodbye

So heres to you forever
My friend; my pal; my mate
Hopefully well meet again
Somewhere through Heavens gate

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th December 1999
Revised 16th August 2008
All Rights Reserved

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