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I sit and hold my pencil
Lightly in my hand
Wonder what it will say today
And is there something planned


It hovers near the paper
As the time does tick away
Is it time to think so serious
Or time to laugh and play


Begins to write on surface
There are words that I can see
But those words that are unfolding
Are not coming out of me


As it continues writing
I wonder what they'll mean
For I'm sure that my pencil
Is guided by hand unseen


I seem to keep on writing
In what direction will it tread
For when I'm done with that pencil
Those words are slowly read


Sometimes I read them slowly
And my body it does tense
Although I never know what I have written
They always make such sense


I truly do believe that
If we wait a while and pause
That all are here for a reason
And to fight a given cause


No matter who we are in life
Or whatever we may find
There is in some small way somehow
That we'll leave our marks behind


So perhaps the mark that I shall leave
Is not what's seen or heard
But I have been chosen simply
To leave the written word


I hope these words as written
Will to someone mean so much
For it may be my pencil I am holding
But with God's words I do touch


All the words that I am guided
Show what I do believe
So if there's nothing else left when I go
At least some words I'll leave


So sometime in the future
After I have been and gone
Recall these words I left behind
Were not written by me alone


Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
26th February 2005
All Rights Reserved


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