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I sit in quiet reflection,
At the path my life has trod,
Then my mind did simply focus,
On my relationship with God.

For many years I simply was,
A doubting kind of man,
I went from one day to the next,
Not caring of Godís plan.

Many miles filled with pain and sorrow,
Most times feeling so alone,
But my God did speak to me,
And for my sins he did atone.

No matter what I did or said,
I felt something was missing,
Then one day I stopped a while,
And to the Spirit I did listen.

I listened to Godís Holy Word,
It fulfilled my every need,
I no longer did feel hungry,
My empty soul it soon did feed.

I learnt to talk to God often,
Simply just in prayer,
During the time that I do speak,
He sees my soul laid bare.

But it is not a one way thing,
In that I do all the talking,
Because I know that every day,
Beside me He is walking.

The sun does shine much brighter now,
My life is born anew,
And through the faith I now do have,
I know what God can do.

So please just let me tell you,
Itís not something within my head,
Because of that relationship,
God helps where eíre I tread.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th May 2007
All Rights Reserved

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