For My Wife

As I sit here and think back over the years gone by, I recall many things from years ago. I recall that in 1972, I was a member of a Youth group. Along with many others from various towns, we had been invited to a regional city for a weekend carnival. On the Saturday we all attended the carnival and on that evening the local branch of the Youth group had organized a dance for us all.

I remember the first time I met you, it was at that dance. The following day we all went to a local natural spa and I met you again. This time I got your address from you. You lived about an hour and a half away from me on Queensland's Gold Coast. I also broke my arm that day and that event was to have a significant part in my future.

A few weeks later, a few friends and I decided to go to the Gold Coast one Sunday. Although they all went swimming, I couldn't because my arm was in a cast. Instead I went to visit you again. If I hadn't have broken my arm, I may never have visited you again. We sat on your verandah and talked for a few hours. I asked if it would be OK to visit you again. Since that first weekend we have with very few exceptions, never spent a weekend apart.

It's funny how one remembers silly little things. I remember that on that first visit your Mother somehow thought I was a new local Priest.

I remember coming to visit you with a friend in his small two seater sports car. There was hardly room for two, but somehow three of us fitted in there and we drove around.  I was much younger and sillier then and the trip home of about eighty miles only took us forty-five minutes.

I remember in June 1973 asking you to marry me.

I also fondly remember after your answer and having purchased the ring, I tried to ask your Father. He was "busy" arguing with a neighbour, but eventually he heard what I was asking.
Everything was arranged and we set our wedding date as June 1st 1974.

I remember that in December 1973 we were discussing our forthcoming wedding and we decided that we were so much in love that we didn't want to wait that long. We went to the reception place and got a list of available dates, then we went to the church and did the same thing. The only date that was available to both was March 2nd 1974. We told them both to change our bookings from June 1st to March 2nd.

Then we went home and told your parents what we had done.  Hindsight is a wonderful teacher and I now realize we should have discussed it with them first. The immediate reaction was "Are you pregnant?" The answer of course was "No", but that didn't stop people making comments because they simply assumed that was the case.

We were married on March 2nd 1974, and you have stood beside me from that time.

We traveled across Australia for our Honeymoon.  The trip took us five days (each way) and the road was so rough in places that in one section it took us nine hours to cover ninety miles. But we were together.  We stopped overnight in the middle of the desert, and the only water available for showering was sea-water. We had been traveling on dusty roads all day and needed clean ourselves somehow.  You had beautiful long hair, and salt water was the last thing you needed. It was to be another day before you could wash your hair properly.

I remember the day you came home after visiting the doctor to confirm your thoughts that you might be pregnant with our first child.  We had been married about three months at that time. One of your friends was staying with us, and your Mother was also visiting, but no one knew why you had gone out except me.  When you returned you didn't need say a word, I could tell from the smile on your face what you were going to say.

I remember our first daughter being born.

In those days Fathers were not permitted to go near the delivery room or have any contact with their babies. I sat and smoked for hours, before I was finally told I was the Father of a little girl.  It was to be another seven days before I could hold her.  The day after she was born, a person I worked with called the local radio station and had them play a song for us. It was "A Little Ray Of Sunshine" (has come into the world ~ A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.)

I also remember the births of our other three daughters.

Our second daughter was a premature baby, but the treatment she received was wonderful.  Sadly it was to be some time before we were able to take her home.

As I remember these things, I am also proud of the way we have raised our daughters together.

Our family has grown, and we now have sons-in-law and Grand Children.

They are the future. We are the past.

I know that because of circumstances beyond our control the past seventeen years have been difficult ones for both of us. We have traveled many a hard mile together.

I always remember that in anything I have ever done, you have always been there to support me.  No matter how high or how low I was, you never forgot those words you spoke to me on March 2nd 1974.

I know at times I have tested your patience.

I know that perhaps during some of the most difficult times that you have even questioned yourself about our future, but you have always chosen to stand by your vows.

It has been nearly thirty-five years, since we first met, but they have been the best years of my life.

I admit I have my faults, but I have never stopped loving you.

Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I have needed you the most.

There are many things that would have been different if not for you, none of them good things.

You have helped me more than you will ever know. I can never include everything I owe you on this page.

To my Darling wife, all I can say is


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