There is nothing much more peaceful,
Not at least that is to me,
Than to sit in unspoiled forest,
And just enjoy the trees.

I love the utter silence,
The feeling so serene,
Why donít you go and try it,
Youíll see just what I mean.

You can sit for just a minute,
Or for an hour or more,
Enjoying every moment,
Seated on Earthís floor.

Do not take a thing with you,
Leave everything behind,
And sit and gaze in silence,
Just open up your mind.

If you feel itís needed,
Then simply close your eyes,
Listen to the silence,
Let the world just pass you by.

Should you take the time then,
To simply look around.
You surely will be most amazed,
At the peace that you have found.

But also learn to listen,
To the sounds that you may hear,
Although you may not see them,
So many things are near.

For Ďtis not all silence,
Listen to the breeze,
As ever so very softly,
It rustles through the trees.

Hear the sounds of nature,
Of animals and of birds,
You will surely then soon find,
They are softer than manís words.

For man has been unfortunate,
Having learned to make him fear,
But natureís noises are so peaceful,
Such pleasant ones to hear.

Sometimes the noise of nature,
Does appear to mean some harm,
But Iím sure that whatís intended,
Is really just to warn.

To warn you of some danger,
That may somehow just befall,
But you need never be afraid,
If you listen to the call.

Yes, just to sit with nature,
And be not afraid to be,
Listening with your ears,
And with your eyes do see.

For nothing on this Earth,
Has learned the way of stealth,
And use it against own kind,
Than has man him very self.

So if you need a moment,
Of tranquility and peace,
Just go out into the forest,
And feel so much at ease.

But man in haste is rushing,
And seen at his very worse,
Destroying our very forests,
So it can fill his purse.

The time has come for us to cease,
And some forests just to leave,
For they are the lungs of this Earth,
Purifying the very air we breathe.

And of course if thereís no forest,
Where will I then with nature share,
I suppose it will not matter,
No nature will be there.

I simply love the forest,
Hope that we soon learn,
We owe it to our future,
To cease the slash and burn.

Not only for my own time,
As my years by now are few,
But I so much want my children,
The beauty to share to.

So they too can sit in silence,
When they need to feel alone,
To sit and see and listen,
Before returning home.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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