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To some he was a hero
Australia’s Jesse James
But I really have to question
Was he worthy of his fame

Some say he turned to crime because
The law did hound him so
So he chose to lead a life of crime
To the world he would then show

Although so wrong, he showed no fear
Stood out amongst the bold
Robbed the banks without a care
And took with him their gold

Surely that was crime enough
So all the truth to see
But he had also camped upon the creek
And killed the Troopers three

An outlaw he was then declared
A price upon his head
For any that may bring him in
Be he alive or dead

Then on one dark and rainy night
He was at Glenrowan town
Knew this time he may be caught
Or total freedom would be found

He thought about it long and hard
The best of plans were laid
Fashioned for himself to wear
The armour he had made

Thought it would protect him well
From the bullets flying ‘round
But when those bullets found his legs
He fell down to the ground

The Troopers were all joyful then
As he was placed in custody
Somehow he knew that from that day
No more would he be free

They took him down to Melbourne town
To face court for his deeds
But no matter what they said to him
He just would not concede

His sentence then it was called out
To the gallows he be led
To stand upon that dreaded door
And hung ‘til he was dead

Defiant to the very end
He tried hard to justify
“Such is life” did pass his lips
At that moment he did die

But still today he seems revered
Like some hero from the past
But the fact remain he did choose crime
Which caused him to breathe his last

So many stories are around
The book stores now seem rife
With stories trying to justify
What Ned did with his life

But I find it hard to just agree
Or to think of him hard done by
Instead I think of those who loved
Those he caused to die

No, Ned Kelly was no gentleman
Not one we should revere
He should be recalled for what he was
A man who caused much fear

So next time you hear Ned Kelly praised
Stop and ask yourself the question
Was he really hard done by
Or was it his own decision.

For we do choose just who we are
And the road that we will tread
Ned could have led an unknown life
But he turned to crime instead

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
15th September 2008
All Rights Reserved

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