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Another day is dawning,
Did you have a sleepless night?
Or did you sleep so soundly,
That you woke up so bright?

For if you do feel tired,
And sleep did not come to thee,
Was it because of some thing you did?
But then did fail to see?

If that be the reason,
Just simply take a pause,
And ask in quiet reflection,
For forgiveness of the cause.

For we are all but sinners,
No matter what our race,
And the only way that we move ahead,
Is by Godís saving grace.

For the new day that has risen,
With the sun in the Eastern sky,
May well be the last chance that you get,
To receive, before you die.

So reach out now I beg you,
Do so without a fuss,
Embrace the gift that God has given,
To each and all of us.

There is only one condition,
If this gift you will receive,
And that is with all your heart,
You accept then to believe.

The gift was sent down to us,
As Godís only Son,
Then when He had done His work,
He proved that eternity had won.

But the day is not so long,
Before it is another night,
And you might never see another,
So be sure to get it right.

Put all things out before you,
But do so with some haste,
For you just do not know for certain,
When you will need Godís grace.

So as morning turns to evening,
Sit back and just recall,
And ask for blessings and forgiveness,
Before another night does fall.

Then you can retire much easier,
And of course you will feel right,
So if you awake next morning,
Youíll be sure to feel so bright.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie 5th January 2006
All Rights Reserved

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