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One morning in my easy chair,
I glance off to my right,
I see someone just sitting there,
She helped me make it through the night.

The previous day has been and gone,
And now is in the past and dead,
Another long and weary night,
Is what did lie ahead.

Sometimes I sleep so easy,
But so early I do rise,
Sit and stare into the darkness,
As I rub sleep from my eyes.

Wonder why I'm up so early,
It's only half past three,
It's hours before the sun will rise,
But another day has dawned for me.

Move slowly from the bedroom,
Allow all in house to sleep,
Move out into my easy chair,
And sometimes quietly weep.

As I do sit there thinking,
Some thoughts begin to grow,
So I take my pad and pencil,
And put those thoughts on show.

Later still that morning,
Some sounds I do then hear,
It's my wife standing there beside me,
Saying, "I love you, dear"

At that very moment,
I no longer want to hide,
For I know I've seen another day,
With my true love right beside.

Of course there's times we argue,
And don't see eye to eye,
But together for so many years,
We have learned to live, and laugh and cry.

Of all the things we've done together,
Laughter is the best,
Because it really is a tranquilliser,
Without the side effects.

So my love I will now say,
And I feel it's oh so true,
If I should go before you,
I'll prepare a place for you.

For all those years I've known you,
You sure have proved your worth,
And for me you always have been,
An Angel here on Earth.

So when I meet the Lord on some day,
And I pray that I will too,
My constant prayer is that I always,
Will spend eternity with you.

So as we both sit in our respective chairs,
I know it feels so right,
For no matter what has gone before,
You helped me make it through the night.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th February 2005
Revised 19th February 2008
All Rights Reserved

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