Not Things That Make You Cry Image By Dark Blue Knight

She was born many years ago
Blue eyes and bouncing curls
Her parents filled with happiness
Sang joy unto the world

They held her close on that first day
Her mother felt no pain
Their own daughter who looked so sweet
So they chose a lovely name

They watched her grow as years passed by
No longer babe in arms
It seemed so quick that she became
Young girl so filled with charm

They loved her oh so dearly
Taught her of right from wrong
It seemed her life would always be
Just like the sweetest song

All too soon she was grown up
Through those years we call the teens
A lady filled with beauty now
What happened in between

She met a man who told then
That he would love her so
Went with him for quite some time
‘Til another love did show

Now her mind seemed so confused
For she had the love of two
Although she gave it so much thought
She knew not what to do

Tried to listen to her friends
As they did try to guide
But no matter what it was they said
She was troubled deep inside

What was it that her mother said
“Never try to justify
Always do what you think is best
Not things that make you cry”

She feels the need for guidance now
For one love she will betray
Knowing well he will be hurt
So constantly she prays

For one her love it was so deep
As it had been from the start
Soon she will share his name
As she gives to him her heart

She then quietly says a prayer of thanks
For her parents guidance through the years
Now knowing all she needs to do
And answered are her prayers

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
11th February 2009
All Rights Reserved

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