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Some Humorous Moments As A Cop

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Policing is a serious business, but there are always times that make you smile because of what is or has happened.  I suppose it is fair to say that Police in general have a strange sense of humour, because sometimes that is what gets them through each long tedious day. It is the Police Officer who attends all sorts of incidents, relays all sorts of messages, and does so many things that if sometimes they didn't laugh, they would cry.

I remember one time when I was working at a three man Police station, the Sergeant was having a day off and us two Constables were sitting in the station catching up on our paperwork. (All Cops know about paperwork) Nothing much was happening and everything was going along rather quietly when suddenly we heard this almighty crash happening outside. The Police station was situated in the main street of the town. We both raced outside to see what was happening, just in time to see a car coming to rest after it had rolled over several times. Fearing the worst we approached the car only to see the driver who turned out to be someone who was well known to us, (from previous indiscretions with the law) climbing out of the wreck completely unharmed but obviously well inebriated. He looked at us, smiled, took his Driver's Licence out of his wallet (this was before plastic Driver's Licences - they were simply paper ones in those days) and tore it into shreds, throwing the pieces into the wind. He then walked over to us and said
"Well I won't be needing that anymore."
We didn't say a word, just arrested him.

One day on a day off I was spending the day with my wife and children down at the river having a picnic lunch. It was a lovely spot and we were all enjoying ourselves. About 100 yards upstream, there was a large waterhole in the river, which was fairly deep and quite safe to dive into. It was the practice of all the young people in town, to climb a tree that had branches overhanging the water, and jumping off into the river. All was going well, until alcohol and stupidity took over.
All the young guys began to bet each other just how high they could climb the tree before they actually jumped. So the contest began, and we sort of looked on as one afer another they got higher and higher up the tree. Then came the inevitable. One of them climbed almost to the top of the tree, but made an error of judgement. Instead of turning left onto the branches and out over the water, he turned right onto another branch and jumped, directly into the river bank. He had fallen about 30 to 40 feet into the ground, missing the water altogether. Naturally I ran down to see if he was harmed, but he just picked himself, shook the dust off and smiled. He hadn't even hurt himself. That man was indestructible!
Just for the record this was the same one that had "died" as described on the previous page, and also torn up his Driver's Licence after having an accident. He really was a constant source of amusement for us, even if we did arrest him often for other things.

I hope these made you smile, they sure make me smile as I recall them, although I have to admit at the time they might not have seemed so funny.  Sometimes it is later that you laugh at what you have seen and done in your days as a Cop. I will add more as they come to mind, so be sure to check back to see what might have been added to this page.

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