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It was just once,
Some time ago,
When I went with some people,
That I did know.

Together we partied,
And drank some beer,
Had lots of laughter,
And lots of cheer.

Then someone handed,
That thing to me,
And although I was drunk,
I could still see.

It was a needle,
Filled with I know not what,
But they said to me,
"Go on, just have one shot."

"It will not hurt you,
And youíll feel so good,"
So just for a moment,
I wondered if I should.

Then I looked around,
At the crowd nearby,
And decided just then,
To give it a try.

I took that syringe,
But I felt no pain,
As that sharp needle,
Did go in my vein.

I guess I felt good,
But a little unsure,
Why had I not chosen,
To do this before?

Now it wasnít long,
Although I canít recall when,
That my body screamed,
For me to do it again.

I had no way,
That I could find,
But still that screaming,
Did fill my mind.

I knew just one thing,
That I had to feed,
This curse I had,
Which was now a need.

So I break into houses,
Rob the corner store,
Snatch your handbag,
Just so I can score.

Iíll sell my body,
Then sell yours,
Just so I can then,
Go out and buy some more.

Thereís only one thing left,
That some peace does bring,
And thatís for me to feel,
That needleís sting.

But itís peace for me,
Not for those I know,
As they somehow try,
To make me let go.

So I promise them,
Iíll do my best,
But it isnít long,
Before I fail that test.

I walk back out,
Just like in the past,
And promise myself,
This time will be the last.

So now Iíve promised,
That from tomorrow morn,
Thereíll be no more needles,
And I will reform.

But the sad thing is,
All I left was people cry,
Because that one last needle,
Did cause me to die.

And itís because,
Some time ago,
I did say yes,
When I should have said NO!

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th December 2005
All Rights Reserved

This is not meant to be a pretty poem.  It is based on my own life's experiences.  When I was about 18 years of age, I was indeed offered a needle at a party but I chose to say NO.

Some years later, as a Police Officer I was to deal directly with those who had fallen victim to drug abuse.  Many crimes are committed by drug addicts trying to find a way to support their habits.  Sadly this is not isolated, and can and does happen every day.  There is always someone who will try to get a person addicted so they have a market for their drugs.  These people make enormous amounts of money at the expense and suffering of others, but they rarely if ever use drugs themselves.  They simply use street dealers who are desperate for a drug supply to do their dirty work for them.

Look for signs of drug use in your children, they may not be obvious, but they are there if you look.  Who are your children spending their time with?  Do they seem like they are either over-tired or always seem wide awake?  What do they spend their money on?  Have little things or money gone missing from your home?  Does your child always wear long sleeves, even in warmer weather?  These are some of the more obvious signs that are easy to see.

Talk to your children about the use and abuse of both prescription and illegal drugs, education is the best answer to our ever increasing drug problem.

Please do not let your child become a victim.

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