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I see a lighthouse shining,
Up high above the sea,
Shining a light of guidance,
For the like of you and me,

The ocean beneath rolls onwards,
As it follows nature’s laws,
Those waves of unseen power,
That pound the rocky shores.

Above does fly an eagle,
Its wings spread out so wide,
Soaring high unto the heavens,
Then down to mountain side.

Look on ocean as the Father,
And the lighthouse as the Son,
In the eagle flies the Spirit,
Like an image that is one.

Stop and look out closely,
You’ll see the work of God,
But have you followed Son and Spirit?
In the pathways you have trod.

Have you seen the lighthouse?
Or soared on spirits high?
Or have you made your own way?
Then asked the question: WHY?

Please, never tempt the ocean,
If you have no guiding light,
But if you cannot accept rays shining,
How can you know what’s right?

Let the lighthouse show you,
The path to make hearts sing,
And you’ll be carried to the Father,
Borne on eagle’s wings.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
February 13th 2007
All Rights Reserved

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