Just seated on a bench,
Within a park one day,
My eyes did fall upon,
Two butterflies at play.

I had never seen such beauty,
For colours they did bring,
To my dull and gloomy day,
With their silent wings.

There was no sound around me,
Except the slightest breeze,
That felt so very cooling,
As it rustled through the trees.

The butterflies were flitting,
From one place to the next,
Just watching these two beauties,
Made me feel so much at rest.

They looked so very peaceful,
As they moved on fragile wings,
Somehow my loneliness just lifted,
Felt myself begin to sing.

Such a wondrous transformation,
Life no longer seemed a test,
As I sat just watching beauty,
Of nature at its best.

I could not help but wonder,
As I slowly realised,
Such beauty from a caterpillar,
Transformed before my eyes.

From such inconspicuous beginning,
It could such joy just bring,
For they were just so lovely,
As they flew on gossamer wings.

They spread their beauty ‘round them,
So everyone could see,
It isn’t what you start as,
But what you turn out to be.

So no matter what your past is,
In the future you can sing,
Show everyone you’re flying,
On your own.....gossamer wings.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th January 2000
All Rights Reserved


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