There was a time so long ago
Before we made a start
That I just did not feel anything
Deep within my heart

Then came a day I did not know
That I would you just meet
Looked at you and thought, oh my God
I really have to greet

I walked on over to you
Said simple word, "Hello"
You smiled and just looked at me
And somehow our love did grow

It was so many years ago
Your love pierced me like a dart
For since that day that I met you
I have only you within my heart

We've loved and cried together
And watched our children grow
But I love you more today than ever
But will love you more tomorrow

And if tomorrow never comes for me
Just think back to the start
Because I know that from that day
I had only you within my heart

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
16th June 2005
All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my wife


Thank You For Being You
I Could Wish For Nothing Better

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