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In this section I am presenting some writings of mine which are personal views on a range of issues. The views expressed are my own and I am purely exercising my right to free speech. You can choose to agree or disagree with me, that is your right. Please do not e-mail me with hate e-mail, I will simply delete it and not give you the courtesy of a reply.

If you want to pass on your own legitimate thoughts or correct any errors you think I have made on any of the subjects that is fine. A difference of opinion is not an error. I will not engage in any arguments about these issues, I simply refuse to argue and I reserve the right to state my opinion. I add that these are purely one person's view of the issues I have addressed.

When I use the words "one nation", they are not to be construed in any way to be showing my support or otherwise for the political party in Australia known as the One Nation Party. I used those words to describe my thoughts and feelings long before the One Nation Party came into being, purely because I know of no other words that can adequately describe my thoughts. My political views and philosophies are my own business and I do not seek to influence in any way, anyone else's.

I cover a variety of topics in my thoughts, not only on issues as a whole, but also on personal issues about how I have battled and coped with various difficulties. I hope that these comments may be of assistance to anyone else who goes through these same or similar problems.

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