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I've reached the crest,
I'm over the top,
From here on in,
It's a downward drop.

For we're all born,
And as children last,
But before too long,
Those days are in the past.

We all strive to reach,
Our three score years and ten,
But there comes a day,
When that journey ends.

For no one knows,
Or will even try,
To predict the day,
On which we say goodbye.

The past has been,
Never to return,
As for the future,
Please do not yearn.

Live for each moment,
Your life's on the line,
For the present,
Is a fleeting moment in time.

So for a moment,
Stop and think deep,
That what you've sown,
You may soon reap.

More than half my days,
Have come and been,
Not as much left to see,
Than already seen.

I've cried with tears,
I've laughed with mirth,
Have enjoyed my days,
Upon this Earth.

It matters not,
You may believe as truth,
There is no such thing,
As eternal youth.

As years pass by,
You cannot miss,
We all grow old,
That's the way it is.

If three score years and ten,
Is to be our share,
By the time you're forty,
You're more than half way there.

So be satisfied,
With what those years did bring,
Any more than that,
Are just a blessing.

I've reached that crest,
I'm on a downward slope,
For a number of years,
I've lived on hope.

I have my love,
And my family too,
So for the moment,
I live for you.

But do not cry,
When my time does come,
Because in reality,
I'm just another one.

My time has been,
It is now spent,
And on life's history,
I didn't even leave a dent.

Yes, we are all born,
And I'm sure you'll agree,
To say goodbye someday,
Is our destiny.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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