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This earth is so important
It’s the only place we’ve found
That will support life as we know it
From the planets that abound

‘Tis so important that we know it
And treat it for what it’s worth
For where will we then turn to
If we destroy this very Earth

It is not ours to rape and pillage
Or one day there will be sorrow
For the Earth does not belong to us
But from the future we do borrow

There are so many ways
We set out to take not give
From this very Earth we live on
As long as we do live

From weapons of destruction
That will I do believe
If utilised by mankind
Pollute the very air we breathe

The constant raping of the forests
For all their monetary worth
Will soon also destroy us
They are the lungs of Earth

Those forests do assist us
But we do not seem to care
For the trees and growth around
Help purify the air

And then of course there’s mining
Where ever man may find
Some mineral to make him rich
But has he used his mind

For has he really given thought
Towards the future very far
Because for sure the very digging
Leaves so many, many scars

It seems to me last century
Has been one of great pollution
For man has caused great problems
Without thinking of solutions

Surely now the time has come
For man to show the Earth
That he truly does respect
And treat it with some worth

So in this new millennium
Man can no longer disregard
The future of the earth he knows
The one he has so scarred

For if he fails to do so
I dare say with great sorrow
That soon we’ll have no problems
There will be no tomorrow

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
15th June 1999
Revised 10th November 2009
All Rights Reserved

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