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The dream of all mankind Iím sure
Is not of kind or of wealth.
But simply to have always
Peace within oneself.

I pray for peace upon the Earth
For peace to always reign.
And man will be so different
If he never fights again.

War is such a wasteful thing
Of humanity and lives.
We must work towards our peace
If mankind is to survive.

I cannot help but wonder
Why some leaders choose to fight.
To send so many to their death
Is certainly not right.

It seems so wrong I dare to say
War is made by politicians.
But what of the poor ones fighting
They really have no option.

Heís sent to war to lay down his life
In name of his country.
But just to die for anotherís cause
Seems such a fallacy.

Why cannot man just think ahead
And always strive for peace.
Get rid of all things military
And pray wars forever cease.

For if we could reach that very goal
And neíer again see war.
We soon would see itís possible
To have peace for evermore.

Do not fight your neighbour
Treat all as friend not foe.
Then young men of the world today
Will much older grow.

So instead of fighting
Take a moment, say a prayer.
That man will forever stop to fight
And a peaceful world will share.

Dark Blue Knight
June 1999
Revised 20th February 2008
All Rights Reserved

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