Original Photograph By Martias N ~ Image By Dark Blue Knight

Some are born with nothing,
Others born with wealth.
But all must have one thing in common,
A pride in their good self.

For a measure of the mark,
That a man makes up this Earth.
Is judged by things that he has done,
And not his fiscal worth.

The man who has no money,
But of himself does give.
In ways that he is able,
To help some others live.

He may not be so wealthy,
When counted just in kind.
But he has more than richness,
He has great peace of mind.

The one who counts his money,
And thinks itís not enough.
Seems to miss the great importance,
Of the thing we just call love.

For love cannot be measured,
With money as a guide.
It is a special feeling,
Felt so deep inside.

With love comes compassion,
And joy that makes you sing.
No matter what your material worth,
It cannot, love to you, bring.

Your money may win friend many,
By flaunting all your gold.
But how many really love you,
And share with you their soul.

So judge no others harshly,
Just because they may be poor.
For they have more wealth than you,
A love they would die for.

Look at yourself so closely,
As if looking from above.
Do you crave for things material,
Or would you prefer love.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
October 1999
All Rights Reserved

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