Does a Fisherman get into fishy business?

Does a Clown see the funny side of life?

Can a Plumber get in too deep?

Is a Maid simply created?

Is being a Nanny a bit of a goat?

Does a Doctor keep his finger on the pulse?

Does a Computer Technician have lots of memory?

How much can a Stripper bear?

Does a Television Repairman get the full picture?

Does a Shift Worker move around a lot?

Does a Washing Machine Repairer get into a spin?

Is a Concretor on the level?

Does a Refrigerator Mechanic chill out?

Does a Prostitute lie down on the job?

Does a Queen sit on the throne all day?

Is a Roof Tiler at his peak?

Is a Fireman hot to trot?

Does a Corn Grower have lots of ears?

Does a Fencer go around the block?

Is a Mechanic motor driven?

Is a Garbage Collector full of rubbish?

Does a Tyre Fitter go around in circles?

Does a Stockbroker have his ups and downs?

Does a Publican spend his life behind bars?

Did the Barber have a close shave?

Does a Toastmaster butter you up?

Does an Axe Man give you the chop?

Does a Wood Cutter eat his chips?

Does a Shoe Salesman put his best foot forward?

Is being a Gate Keeper an open and shut case?

Is an Information Clerk full of it?

Does a Watch-maker have plenty of time?

Is a Conductor able to carry electricity?

Is a Weatherman predictable?

Is an Astronaut out of this world?

Is a Bra Maker involved in hold ups?

Is a Taxi Driver a fair person?

Does a Boat Builder keel over?

Is a Telephone Salesman just a ring in?

Does a Footballer get a kick out of life?

Does a Chicken Farmer flutter around?

Does a Shearer pull wool over your eyes?

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