Is a Postman a man of letters?

Should all Lawyers be named "Sue"?

Does a Milliner keep it under his hat?

Does a Solicitor solicit for a living?

Does a Curtain maker just hang around?

Is being an Aviculturalist for the birds?

Is a Cleaner spic 'n span?

Is a Estate Agent for real?

Who does a Teller tell?

Does a Nun get anything?

Does a Mathematician multiply himself?

Does a Bandsman face the music?

Does a Guitarist pluck himself?

Does a Vulcanologist blow his top?

Does a Tennis Player make a racket?

Is a knife sharpener blunt?

Is a Boxer a bit of a pug?

Does an Engineer cross his bridges?

Does a pie man have his fingers in lots of pies?

Does a Doctor bury his mistakes?

Does a Butter Maker spread himself thinly?

Does a Baseball Player ever run away from home?

Does a Torch Maker ever see the light?

Is a Drummer beaten?

Does a Bee-keeper sting you?

Does a Book Maker have a bit each way?

Does an Assayer talk to asses?

Does a Detailer cut off tails?

Does a Mayor give you a gee up?

Does a Bricklayer drive you up the wall?

Does a Ten Pin Bowler get skittled?

Does an Archaeologist live in the past?

Does a Clergyman listen to soul music?

Is a Musician in tune with himself?

Does a Diver get in too deep?

Does a Hairdresser streak?

Does a Shoe Repairer get into soul searching?

Does a Linesman get strung out?

Does a Swimmer splash out?

Is an Artist in the frame?

Does a Shot Putter give a toss?

Was the Politician in labour through being liberal?

Does a Chain Maker have a missing link?

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