Does a Confectioner have a sweet tooth?

Does a Cowboy steer the cattle?

Can a Magician take a trick?

Does a Courier cop a packet?

Does a Parachutist hang around?

Does a Second Hand Dealer have hour hands?

Does a Small Goods Seller ham it up?

Does a Seismologist get the shakes?

Does an Actor play up?

Does a Cocktail Mixer have lots of spirit?

Does a Paper Hanger get stuck on the job?

Does a Fan Installer blow in the breeze?

Is a Projectionist in the picture?

Do Florists get all bunched up?

Does a Steam Cleaner feel the pressure?

Is a Pool Player in the queue?

Is an Upholsterer stuffed?

Is being a Card Player a fair deal?

Is a Valuer very valuable?

Is a Sheet Metal Worker a bit tinny?

Does a Landscaper break new ground?

Does a General Manager manage Generals?

Is a Branch Manager out on a limb?

Is a Supervisor just a big hat?

Does a Trainer wait at the station?

Does a Sand Blaster have lots of grit?

Are Ballet Dancers always on their toes?

Does a Bread Slicer get all cut up?

Do Nurses get an ill feeling?

Is a Cheese Maker put through the shredder?

Does a Toxicologist have a poisoned mind?

Does a Map Maker ever get lost?

Is a Disc Jockey always on the right track?

Does a Pasta Maker lose his noodles?

Is a Basket Ball Player on the re-bound?

Can you turn a Tap Dancer off?

Does a Bricklayer ever hit a brick wall?

Has a Tool Sharpener got the edge?

Is being a Dressmaker just a cover up?

Is an Ice Skater on the slide?

Is a Luggage Porter a hard case?

Is a Wall Paper Maker on a roll?

Does a Carpet Layer get laid?

Does a Trumpet Player blow his own horn?

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