Does a Elevator Operator have his ups and downs?

Is an Anaesthetist a knock out?

Is a Shooter all fired up?

Does an Appointee point the finger?

Is a Antique Dealer old and useless?

Is an Aromatherapist on the nose?

Does a Glue Maker come to a sticky end?

Is a Surfer on the crest of a wave?

Does a Plastic Surgeon tuck you in?

Does a Weightlifter pull his weight?

Is a Friar a fish and chip cooker?

Does a Net Maker ever get knotted?

Can a Blind Manufacturer see what he is doing?

Is a Piano Player the key person?

Is an Accordion Player in a squeeze?

Does a Pilot keep his feet on the ground?

Does a Dentist sink his teeth into it?

Does a Plumber go around the bend?

Is a Consultant always looking for something?

Does a Canvasser live in a tent?

Is Ironing a pressing task?

Is a Podiatrist footloose?

Does a Hairdresser get in your hair?

Is a Chef's life full of spice?

Is a Miner a young digger?

Does a Saw Miller cut you up?

Does a Bowler have a ball?

Does a Dry Cleaner have a clean cut image?

Does a Philatelist stamp about?

Does a Removalist pack it in unexpectedly?

Does a Racing Driver live in the fast lane?

Does a Surgeon get under your skin?

Does a Jockey get a free ride?

Is a Sugar Cane Grower really a sweetie?

Is a Locksmith all keyed up?

Does a French Polisher shine?

Does a Train Driver go off the rails?

Does a Nudist have lots of cheek?

Does a Fortune Teller plan ahead?

Does a Truck Driver always carry the load?

Does an Acupuncturist needle you?

Does a Draughtsman draw the line?

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