Is a Soap Maker a bit slippery?

Does a Gunsmith go out with a bang?

Is a Photographer a bit snappy?

Is Crane Driving an uplifting experience?

Does an Athlete give you the run around?

Is a Boilermaker always in hot water?

Does a Baker have nice buns?

Has a Meteorologist got his head in the clouds?

Does an Undertaker have a dead end job?

Is a Newsagent always in the news?

Who manages to manage a Manager?

Is a Mountain Climber on top of everything?

Is being a Milkman just an udder job?

Is a Flour Miller a cereal killer?

Does a Scaffolder look down on everyone?

Does a Mountaineer ever reach his peak?

Does a Puncture Repairer feel a bit flat?

Does a Sewage Worker create a stink?

Does a Beer Brewer hop around a lot?

Does a Waiter make you wait?

Does a Fitter fit in anywhere?

Does a Tailor line his pockets?

Is a Banana Grower a bit bent?

Does a Baker need the dough?

Does an Optometrist look you in the eye?

Is being a Police Officer a cop out?

Is a Plumber an effluent person?

Do Electricians get a spark out of life?

Is a Painter's life full of colour?

Is a Butcher always meeting people?

Has the Reporter a current affair?

Does being an Accountant add up?

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