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The sun does rise each morning
And bathes the Earth with rays
So soon again itís daylight
As darkness fades away

The long dark night has ended
Another day been born
The beauty of the sunrise
Seen every day at dawn

Awaken from your sleep at once
Enjoy the beauty of the sky
For no grander sight will be all day
Upon which to set your eyes

If you see the dawn my friend
And prepare yourself to face
Another day upon this Earth
Then do so with much grace

So as begins a new day
The dark you did survive
Take your time to offer thanks
That you are still alive

Take time to just enjoy it
The sunís warmth and the light
Before the sun does disappear
And once again is night

Another day will surely end
The sun will go to rest
Out on the far horizon
As it sets into the West

For when the sun does set again
And slowly the night arrives
Ensure that you are at peace
With those who still survive

Remember that as the sun sets
And daylight turns to night
If you have had cause to differ
Be sure to put it right

For if you retire angry
And your life does fade away
Too late to ask forgiveness
When sun shows again its rays

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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