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The rainbow is so beautiful,
Looks so pure and bright,
Just sit and watch the rainbow,
As it arcs away from sight.

Seems full of glorious colour,
Suspended up on high,
Six colours of the rainbow,
Against the bright blue sky.

Is the rainbow just a halo,
Of the people down below,
We never seem to reach it,
Guess we will never know.

The rainbow has spawned many,
Stories to be told,
From bridge unto the heavens,
To glorious pots of gold.

The greatest of the stories,
That somehow springs to mind,
Is the story that the rainbow,
Shows Godís love for mankind.

But then I sit in wonder,
And at that rainbow gaze,
Admiring such perfection,
Throughout the daytime haze.

Do not waste time even looking,
For pot of gold at end,
For you are bound to have so many,
Pots of gold, called friends.

The rainbow is a perfect arch,
You are drawn so much to watch,
The perfect arch a symbol,
Of your very own perfect match.

So look with love at dear ones,
All their colours will be shown,
And you will know youíve found them,
The rainbow of your own.

Yes, sit in awesome wonder,
At the spectacle you sight,
The perfect arch of rainbows,
And recall your love so bright.

Dark Blue Knight
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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