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There comes a time
When each of us around
Must somehow reach for the sky
Whilst keeping feet on ground

We cannot sit and ponder
At things that might have been
Or rest upon our laurels
And things we might have seen

Itís not time to wait for others
But reach out from the fold
Set path for our own future
And face it with the bold

We may make conscious choices
As we go towards lifeís gate
But along with our own feelings
Weíre bound by thing called fate

For man can set a pathway
To lead towards tomorrow
When unknowns do then interfere
And he is left in sorrow

For the path he may have chosen
May be one with a true friend
But the love he felt so strongly
Comes to uncertain end

At times like this itís easy
To just give up and say goodbye
But in reality I say
He must reach for the sky

Yes, I know that it is difficult
The sky seems out of reach
But if all chose to just give up
What would we, our children teach

So set our goals and chase them
No matter what they are
And if you need to change them
Reach for another star

Look to the stars as pinnacles
Set for yourself the test
And if you by good fortune reach one
Reach out for all the rest

Never give up the struggle
Or feel you can no longer cope
For the worst that can befall a man
Is to simply give up hope

When hope seems to desert you
And everything goes wrong
Reach for the sky above you
And feel again so strong

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
September 1999
All Rights Reserved

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