Reaching Out To Children Image By Dark Blue Knight

My child I do ask you
To accept Me in your heart
For if you choose to do so
We will never be apart

Take a look around you
And many things that you do see
Are done by those of evil
Who have forsaken Me

I know you are so very young
But try to understand
That the evil that some follow
Is not part of My plan

I came to Earth some time ago
To give Myself for you
That you may be forgiven
No matter what you may do

Perhaps Iíll need to help you
As your new journey you begin
But remember always My dear child
I will forgive your sins

But before you get forgiveness
You must accept Me in your heart
And on the day you choose to do so
You will make a brand new start

Youíll find there is another road
Than the one that most do take
But with Me along beside you
You cannot make mistakes

Iíll lead you to My Father
And onwards onto home
Where those who have believed in Me
Will be never left alone

So follow not the devil
Or what he may advocate
Because if that is the path youíve chosen
It may one day be too late

You have a choice my child
And it is yours to make
Will you come with Me to Heaven
Or you let your soul the devil take

For I promise I will help you
Whenever life gets tough
For as long as you do believe
That will be for Me enough

So My child I ask you
Do you want to take the chance
Spend eternity in fires of hell
Or with Me forever dance

I want you there beside me
So I can call you one of mine
And be with Me forever
Until the end of time

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
8th August 2005
All Rights Reserved

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