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Look into the mirror,
Tell me what you see?
You see the very image,
Of whatever you may be.

But for just a moment,
Look deeper and behold.
If you look deep within your eyes,
You’ll see your very soul.

For they say the soul of every person,
Is seen within their eyes.
We cannot hide things that we feel,
By trying to disguise.

We may close the eyes and just pretend,
We do not want to share.
But things that will ever trouble us,
Are seen by those who care.

For we cannot hide behind ourselves,
Those things that really bother.
True friends seem to find a way,
To see through one another.

We may try to hide our troubles,
And even wear dark glasses.
But that just seems to reinforce,
That nothing simply passes.

For it is within your eyes,
That nothing can forever hide.
No matter what, no matter how,
They open up to your inside.

You see that within those very orbs,
So much is seen, both bright and sad.
Your eyes reflect,
All good and bad.

So even though,
Your mouth may lie.
‘Tis always the truth,
Shines from the eye.

So when you look into eyes of others,
Remember that they too.
Look back into your very own,
And see the real you.

So look into the mirror,
Tell me what you see?
No matter how you see it,
Eyes show reality.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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