As I was walking slowly
On one November day
I saw people wearing poppies
As they walked along their way

Iíd seen the same thing last year
And all the years before
But the only thing I knew about it
Was it was something to do with war

I stopped and stood there silent
Looked at this tired old man
Asked what I thought was simple
“Will you help me if you can”

“Would you please give me a moment
And explain to me that flower
Why so many of you wear it
At this November hour”

He looked directly at me
With eyes that seemed so wet
And said, “My son Iíll tell you
They mean we donít forget”

“Back when my father was a boy
He went to another land
He was so lucky to return
But he was a different man”

“You see dear lad, heíd gone to war
And seen those poppies fields
Run red and stained with blood of friends
And from that he never healed”

“When fatherís war was ended
On a November day
He began to wear a poppy
To remember those who stayed”

“For so many of his comrades
Were left behind to lie
In poppies fields forever
Not a chance to say good-bye”

“Now the poppy flower reminds us
Of what those young men gave
As they lay in bloodied battlefields
And went unto their grave”

“Yes, the poppy is remembrance
That all the death and pain
Will never be forgotten
And never seen in vain”

“So now in each November
On the eleventh day
We all do wear a poppy
And remember as we pray”

“Pray for those souls departed
And for all they saw
As they fought so many battles for us
In whatever was their war”

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
3rd November 2006
All Rights Reserved

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