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Let me tell you of a story
Lest you be led astray
Although it happened many years ago
We recall it still today

There was a man named Jesus
The Lord to those who did believe
They knew He was the Son of God
And their reward they would receive

Once the Lord was to be called
And before Pilate He did stand
Accused of all sorts of treachery
Against His fellow man

Pilate knew not what to do
He could have set Him free
But instead he let Barabbas go
And sent the Lord to Calvary

For Pilate asked a cross be made
Which the Lord was made to bear
The load did prove so heavy soon
So Simon took the load to share

On that road that led to death
His Mother He did see
Although she wept at what she saw
The Lord said, “Pray with me”

The cross was heavy, the road was harsh
And more than once He fell
But He refused to be deterred
Those who saw would surely tell

But burdened by that heavy load
He was forced to slow His pace
Then from the crowd a woman came
To wipe His bloodied face

So when He reached that awful place
All the walking was now done
The soldiers stripped Him of His clothes
Removed His garments one by one

He did not beg for mercy then
It would have been to no avail
They lay His body on the cross
And hammered in the nails

And so the leaders had their wish
For the Lord they crucified
Nailed upon that cross He lay
While they left Him there to die

But no matter what they did to Him
His power was not diminished
Even though they heard Him say
With His final breath, “It is finished”

They took His body from the cross
Before the darkness of the night
Carried Him to a new tomb
Wrapped in a shroud of white

On the third day He rose from death
What had been foretold was true
That the Lord would die and rise again
For the likes of me and you

For us to gain life with the Lord
There’s one step that must be taken
And that is to follow Him always
Lest our lives should be forsaken

This story may be years old
But it still holds true today
So put your life into His hands
And follow all the way

One day you’ll face the Lord yourself
And His grace you will receive
For it wasn’t much for Him to ask
It was simply you believe

Please follow in His footsteps
And do not be led astray
Yes, This story is years old
But it still is with you today

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th August 2008
All Rights Reserved

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