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Sit down in the garden
To natureís sounds do listen
Let quietness overtake you
As your start reminiscing

Think back to days of childhood
When you hardly had a care
Think of how much has changed
You simply canít compare

In those years so long ago
There was no rushing to and fro
No one telling you to hurry up
No one telling you to go

Life seemed so much simpler then
Everyone did seem so free
At times all would gather Ďround
And sing in joyful reverie

Youíve seen the changes that have come
And ask “Where will it end?”
For everything is so much different now
You try hard to comprehend

Now no one has much time for you
You donít know your neighbourís name
Sit lonely in your elder years
Asking if youíre somehow to blame

Life rushes on so quickly now
You know itís much too fast
You wonder if you somehow can
Go back to years now past

Back to the times when all did care
And no matter what was planned
You knew that if you needed it
Someone would lend a hand

But alas, today in modern times
Everyone does pass you by
Leaving you just sitting there
With the unanswered question, “Why?”

So please slow down and look around
Before your time does end
Or youíll leave this world a lonely man
Without a single friend

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
30th March 2008
All Rights Reserved

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