Image From Old Postcard

There's a lake out there
The water's calm
As one looks out
He can see no harm

Upon its surface
There's a small boat
And all around
Some swans do float

The water's like
A sheet of glass
Just how long
Will this serenity last

One bends down
Picks up a stone
Without a thought
It is then thrown

As it strikes
Those waters deep
The ripples outwards
Begin to creep

That very stone
Is like a wedge
Causing outward ripples
To water's edge

One small stone
Did suddenly cease
That calm water
Which looked at peace

It only takes
One with wrong mind
To shatter peace
For all mankind

No matter what
You say or do
Don't be like that stone
That someone threw

Instead be like that lake
That looked so calm
'Til that stone was thrown
With that throw brought harm

For winds will cause
Those ripples to flow
But we can weather
Those storms we know

It's when someone
Becomes that stone
That we no longer
Stand all alone

Remove that stone
From waters deep
So once again
Our peace we'll keep

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
16th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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