Rosebu ~ Image By Dark Blue Knight

I looked into my garden
Saw rose bush there on show
There were no pretty flowers
Only thorns where flowers grow

I would seek to change things
So began to carefully tend
That thorny plant so dangerous
Somehow I'd help it mend

I trimmed and pruned the branches
Tilled the ground that did surround
Gave it food and water
And hoped new life it found

Went out there almost daily
Carried out the same chore
Kept at it for so many weeks
Worked at it more and more

Then finally on one morning
To my garden I did go
And looked towards that rose bush
Saw a bud begin to show

I toiled and worked much harder
To give that bud the power
So one day soon into the future
It would be an awesome flower

That flower bloomed so beautiful
I decided it to leave
Proved toil in right direction
Would beauty soon achieve

That rosebud told the story
Of my hope for all mankind
If we work in the right direction
Then beauty we will find

Like all the world around me
So ugly it did look
But as I worked towards it
Then beauty overtook

Look closely at your neighbour
Be he friend or foe
Or is he just a rosebud
With beauty soon to show

Will take just a few minutes
Each and every day
To extend a hand of kindness
So you can show the way

That neighbour then can do the same
Like that rosebud I did see
Reach out further still again
And set another rosebud free

If we all choose that path
The whole world will soon bloom
And everyone would live in peace
There'd be no more despair or doom

So once there was a rosebush
From which a rosebud grew
But it sent a powerful lesson
For all men to follow too

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
6th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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