A rock stands forever silent
Seems always just to last
Was there long before we’re born
Be there when we have passed

Seems to stand without reason
And watch the years on end
But if that rock could talk to us
It would tell of passing friends

For sure down through the ages
Seen so many come and go
The scrawls that are drawn upon it
Is the story it does show

The hearts with two initials
Scratched we know not when
But they share something we understand
That cupid had struck back then

As we see older people
It’s hard for us to see
That they too were young and vibrant
Shared love like you and me

The marks on that rock do show it
That those who’ve gone before
Also knew just how to find it
That key to lover’s door

For love is not a modern feeling
Just for those around today
For many years love has been shown
In a myriad of ways

I wonder who was Betty
Does she still love Jock
As much as on that day in past
When she scratched it on the rock

The rock tells many stories
They’re etched upon its face
The stories of so many
Forever in one place

So should I add my marking
I want the world to know
That I have found my true love
So I’ll put it there on show

Sometime ahead in future
Another soul will find
My name linked to yours forever
And know love was in my mind

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
November 1999
All Rights Reserved

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