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Why is it that some unknown times?
Your life just feels so tough,
That for at that very moment,
You feel youíve had enough.

The pain that grows within you,
And a mind that does just scream,
For no matter how you try to,
You cannot fathom what they mean.

You know that deep within yourself,
You surely have just tried,
But no matter what you attempted,
All you did was cried and cried.

Youíve cried until there are no more,
And your eyes do have no tears,
And suddenly youíre thinking,
That the end does hold no fears.

For you have asked for nothing,
Except a helping hand,
And hopefully that somehow,
Another tries to understand.

Yes, you have tried your hardest,
And now do give up hope,
Because no matter how you try to,
You just can no longer cope.

For you feel youíre at your lowest,
And really no longer care,
For is there any reason,
To of yourself still share?

Perhaps you find these words difficult,
Unless youíve trodden the same road,
And all along that journey,
Youíve carried that unseen load.

The only thing that does save you,
And prevent others then to weep,
Is the faith you have within you,
And that faith you try to keep.

For sometimes it is the only thing,
That assists when we feel alone,
Is knowing that God is there beside you,
Until He calls you home.

Although my mind is screaming,
And I want to say goodbye,
Please forgive me God I ask you,
And Iíll pray that you know why.

Reach down to me with Spirit,
And take me by the hand,
Then let me travel onwards,
And help me try to understand.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
27th December 2005
All Rights Reserved

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