I asked you for a promise
One that was not amiss
You agreed upon it fully
Then we sealed it with a kiss

As our lips did touch together
Seemed my heart did beat so loud
Just the two of us now standing there
Alone within the crowd

Surrounded by so many
There were people everywhere
But for those few short moments
We simply didn’t care

There was that special feeling
That only lovers know
When you’d find that special someone
Your heart would tell you so

It was about that very time
I began to understand
That I felt something so special
Every time I took your hand

Now on that special evening
I put my knee upon the ground
Asked if I could keep forever
This true love I had found

For a moment just in silence
I watched the smile upon your face
Saw your eyes shining oh so brightly
My heart doubled in its pace

You never said a word to me
The silence somehow told
That one day soon it would then be
You’d wear my band of gold

Instead you took me in your arms
In a moment filled with bliss
We both knew what the answer was
So we sealed it with a kiss

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th January 2007
Revised ~ 15th August 2008
All Rights Reserved

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