Was sitting there all lonesome
Could scarcely hear a noise
When something in my head I heard
An eerie type of voice

It wasn't loud or yelling
In fact no one else could hear
But for me it somehow felt
As if it was right inside my ear

I stopped what I was thinking
Let that voice again begin
Then I realised what it was telling me
I was in love again

Why did I say again
For my love did never cease
While ever I had you near me
I had always found true peace

Perhaps I had got complacent
Thought that simply being near
Was enough to show that I did love you
And that you would see and hear

But it did dawn upon me
That I had to show I cared
And no matter what I did in life
My love for you was always there

I guess the time has come my dear
To stop taking you for granted
And keep on tending always
To those seeds of love we planted

So many years have been and gone
Since we first did place those seeds
And I want you to always know
It's you I always need

We may be so much older
As through our lives we flow
But recall always my dearest
Those planted seeds still grow

Never will I let them
Go unattended or forget
I loved you so many years ago
And I still love you yet

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
22nd February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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