Short Prayers
Image By Dark Blue Knight ~ Original Bt Danny Halbolm ~ Misted By Wanda

May our Lord Jesus,
Watch over you always,
And may you carry His spirit,
The rest of your days.

For we all do know,
When it comes to the end,
We’ll all be together,
And join Jesus our friend

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Let us pray for this Earth,
And all that within,
So that on their journey,
They will turn to Him.

Cleanse all poor sinners,
But do so in haste,
For we never will know,
When we need our Lord’s grace.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Oh Lord I do pray,
That you will lead me,
During my life,
So that one day I see.

That all I have done,
Has not been in vain,
As I see your face,
And we’ll be together again.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Thank you dear Father,
For all you have done,
Pour down Your blessings,
On all us as one.

As we gather together,
And pray once again,
In the name of dear Jesus,
Your own Holy Son.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Dear Jesus we ask you,
To lead where we go,
So that forever,
Our love for You shows.

And no matter what happens,
You will call all above,
And the pathway to Heaven,
Is through Your undying love.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Our Father in Heaven,
Send your Angels to me,
So if I should stray,
Then I can soon see.

And be led by that Angel,
Back to where I should be,
Ever thankful for all,
Especially to thee.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
1st November 2005
All Rights Reserved

Image By Dark Blue Knight

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