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As I stand upon this shore
I see my lover's face
Wonder what I'm doing here
In this forsaken place

Was sent here to play my part
And always fight the fight
So I could look back in future years
And know I'd done what's right

I'm in the heat of battle now
Bullets flying everywhere
And do you know my loved one
I just don't seem to care

For at that very instance
Although it may not take long
One minute, my friend's beside me
Next minute he is gone

And when the fight is over
I walk down to that shore
Once again I send my thoughts to you
How I love you more and more

I want to go home to you now
And see you all again
But I want to walk down those plane stairs
Not laid in flag draped coffin

So my darling as you stand
On the other side of this sea
Can I ask you that you sometimes
Just spare a thought for me

For if it should turn out right
And go back home is what I do
I want you to know always
My heart belongs to you

When I return I'll ask you
Will you please be my bride
And we'll spend our lives together
Forever side by side

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th March 2005
All Rights Reserved

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