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Listen closely to the silence
What is that you hear
Is it something far away
Or something that is near

You say you can hear nothing
Listen closely once again
And always you will hear it
The call of lonely friend

Why is it you canít hear it
Itís there for one and all
If we only learn to listen
For that lonely personís call

They call Ďcos they are lonely
Seems no one wants to share
Their heartache and their sorrow
Their loving and their care

Matters not at all the distance
From where call does originate
Certainly youíll hear it
If you open your heartís gate

Never choose to just ignore it
Lest the call becomes a yell
For we all need our calls answered
Not left to our own hell

Sometimes we all feel lonely
Send calls to all around
Living just for an answer
From someone special we have found

So listen to the silence
Donít be surprised at what you hear
For although it seems no noise about
Thereís nothing there to fear

Listen closely I do beg you
Youíll hear just what I mean
If friendship is the milk of life
Then loving is the cream

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
6th December 1999
All Rights Reserved

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