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Should we just stand here silent?
Or take a look around,
For we know that if we do so,
New things will soon be found.

There is so much that does surround us,
If we take the time to view,
To stop and ask the question,
What is it, we can do?

A world filled with so much turmoil,
For man knows not where to tread,
Too scared to make decisions,
Because of what might lie ahead.

Perhaps we’ve asked too many questions,
Of just what life’s about,
So think back to days long past us,
When our forebears had no doubt.

There were much fewer questions then,
For of God they had a fear,
Not one that made them terrified,
But a type that kept them near.

A love of God within them,
Time spent with Him in prayer,
And no matter what did lie ahead,
They knew that God was there.

Silence is not the answer,
We must make our voices heard,
Perhaps a good place to begin,
Is to again live by God’s word.

Put aside those things material,
That we might for a while crave,
Think of God’s Son for a moment,
And the things for us He gave.

Invite the Lord to join you,
To sit within your heart,
You’ll feel the changes in you,
Your new life now to start.

Follow the path as given,
As you move along life’s ride,
You’ll find it is much easier,
If you let Christ be your guide.

No further need for silence,
If you feel the need to speak,
Let others know you’ve found the answer,
As they will, if they just seek.

For our God will not abandon,
To leave Him is your choice,
But He will welcome back at any time,
When He hears you use your voice.

Sometimes silence is not golden,
If we’ve chosen to believe,
Ask always for that guidance,
God’s help you will receive.

Never look as if you’re lost again,
Or stand with the silent crowd,
But pray in His name so often,
As you call it out so loud.

God, hear our praises to you,
We know you’ll answer when,
The time has come for us to know,
Until that time....................Amen

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
January 6th 2007
All Rights Reserved

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