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Letís sing a song together
And let us all give praise
To thank Lord forever
For all of our Earthly days

As we travel on our journeys,
On this life upon this Earth
We must remember always
That we have to prove our worth

So as we move on slowly
And my years do slowly age
We really must decide then
What weíll do upon lifeís stage

Let us never judge another
Thatís not the role for we
But accept them as they are themselves
And what they want to be

Oh yes, we can help to guide them
At their failings not to laugh
For if they ask the questions
We can show them the right path

Let them stand there right beside us
And sing a song unto the Lord
For Iím sure that He will listen
As we add music to His word

Perhaps all of the Angels
Will join us as we sing
And lift our voices loudly
Just let that music ring

And when that song is over
There will be nought which we discuss
Because we sang a song of joy
To the One who died for us

It matters not how long we travel
Just keep singing through the years
For at times when you feel sadness
It will help to dry the tears

For the day will come so surely
And although it might feel strange
We will have to answer on that day
Far too late for us then to change

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th June 2005
Revised 5th September 2008
All Rights Reserved

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