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As I sit beside my Father
And look down from up above
Think of what man did do to me
When I tried to show my love

I had to walk amongst men
As my Father asked Me to
To fulfil the words fore spoken
So they could then be true

Took His own creation
A tree grown in the ground
Made from it a wooden cross
To become a symbol most profound

Across my back they lashed Me
A crown of thorns upon My head
Made Me carry what was once a tree
On which I would stay Ďtil dead

When I left the earth behind
I took My cross with me
And often I do sit on it
To reflect at what I see

I see a man thatís suffered
But a Spirit thatís not broken
Then I move back to My Father
For I am home again

Sometimes you might feel lonely
And think thereís none who care
So at that time just think of Me
And the pain I had to bear

Pick your cross up boldly
Hold your head up high
Move onwards in your journey
And try not to question why

Yes, I carried My cross with Me
As you must carry yours
And one day youíll be rewarded
As it opens Heavensí doors

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th April 2008
All Rights Reserved

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