Grouse : Excellent.

Grub (1) : Same as a "Grot" A person of unclean thoughts or habits.

Grub (2) : A teenage hoon (see below) who is always in petty trouble with the law.

Gum Tree (Up A) : To be stranded is said to be "Up A Gum Tree".

Gunner or Gunna : A person who procrastinates. "Gunner" do this and "Gunner" do that eventually.

Gurgler (Down The) : If something or someone fails it is said to have gone "Down The Gurgler".

Guts (Rough As) : Description of an ugly person.

Guts (Spilling Your) : Confessing to doing something wrong, usually to the Police.

Gutser (To Come A) : To fall over or fail at something is "To Come A Gutser".

Happy As Larry : Totally contented.

Head (Pull Your........In) : Used to tell someone to shut up and not interfere and mind their own business.

Hen's Teeth (Scarce As) : Extremely rare. Non existant

Holding (How Ya.........?) : Enquiring about your financial state. Usually said immediately before a request for a loan.

Hoon : A show off. Generally a teenage male who drives around in a noisy car and squeals the tyres. They are said to be "Hooning" around. Not very well liked by Police, I know from experience.

Hoop (A) : A jockey.

House On Fire (To Get On Like A) : To really enjoy someone's company.

Hughie : God. Drought stricken farmers will often call Send 'er down "Hughie" when asking for rain, or wanting the rain to continue once it has started.

Hump (To) : Unlike the American meaning, it actually means to carry.

Humpy (To) : Rough bush dwelling, usually made from rusty old iron and hessian.

Idiot Box : The television set.

Iffy : If something is a bit "Iffy" it is very suspect. A good thing is to leave it alone.

Iron Lung (Wouldn't Work In An) : Describes someone who is very lazy.

Ironed Out (To Be) : Knocked out, either from a hit or too much drink.

Irrits : To really annoy anyone is to give them the "Irrits".

Ivories : The teeth.

Ivories (To Tickle The) : To play the piano.

Jackeroo : A learner stockman or cowboy who works on outback properties. His female equivilant is known as a "Jilleroo".

Jack (To Get The.....Of) : Annoyed, lose one's patience. To "Get Jack Of Them/It".

Jack (To.....Up) : To refuse to do something.

Jake (She'll Be) : Everything will be all right.

Jiffy : A short period of time. I'll be with you in a "Jiffy"

Jiggered : Fallen into total disrepair or a person is totally tired, then they are "Jiggered".

Jillaroo : See "Jackaroo" above.

Job (To) : To punch.

Joey : Baby kangaroo.

Joe Blake : Rhyming slang for snake.

Joker : A general word used to describe an Australian male.

Jumbuck : Australian Aboriginal word for sheep. Heard around the world in our famous song "Waltzing Matilda".

Jumper : What Americans call a sweater or pullover.

Jumper (Stick It Up Your.....) : A mild way of rejecting something.

Jump (Take A Running .....At Yourself) : Similar to "Stick It Up Your Jumper". Another way of giving a mild rejection.

Kangaroo Hopping : A common trait with learner drivers. Happens when you lift your foot of the clutch too quickly.

Kangaroos (Loose In The Top Paddock) : A bit stupid.

Khyber (Kick Up The) : Kick in the backside. It is actually rhyming slang for Khyber Pass, but I'll let you work that one out yourself.

Kick In (To) : To make a donation, when someone passes the hat around is said to "Kick In".

Kindy : Abbreviation for kindergarten. Another example of Australians not using any more letters than they have to.

King Hit : A surprise punch, usually delivered from behind, and knocks you senseless.

Kip : A short sleep or nap.

Kiwi : A person who comes from "En ~ Zed" (New Zealand). Sometimes confused as Australians, but they are easily distinguished by their speech. Six becomes sux, sacks becomes sex and so on. So if anyone asks you for "Sux sex of potatoes" they are "Kiwi's" and not Australian.

Knackered : To be totally exhausted.

Knockback : A refusal.

Knocker (On The) : Exactly, right on, maybe even bull's eye.

Knockers : People who continually find fault with everything.

Knuckle Sandwich : If you have just been punched, then you have just received a "Knuckle Sandwich".

Lair : Someone who dresses in a loud manner so they attract attention to themselves.

Larrikin : Although they closely resemble a "Lair" they are generally more well liked. Most Australians have a bit of "Larrikin": in them.

Lash Out (To) : To go on a wild spending spree.

Last Shower (I Didn't Come Down In The.......) : I'm not stupid!

Lid, (I Dips Me) : I take my hat off to you.

Life (Go For Your) : Letting you know it is all right to go ahead with whatever your intention is.

Liquid Amber : Beer.

Little House : The one that used to be at the bottom of the yard, with newspaper or magazine cuttings you could read. See "Dunny" and "Dyke". Times have changed and the "Little House" has been replaced by the smallest room in the house.

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